Common Summer Skincare Slip-Ups (And How to Steer Clear of Them)

Achieving that coveted summer glow is a universal desire, yet we often stumble upon some common pitfalls in our quest for radiant skin. Fortunately, by making a few simple adjustments, you can maintain gorgeous skin while prioritizing its health.

As temperatures rise, delve into these five common skincare mistakes people tend to make during the summer. I’ll also suggest alternative solutions to help you achieve a healthy summertime radiance.

Mistake 1: Neglecting Sunscreen

Many believe the myth that a base tan offers protection against sunburn, but this is untrue. Skipping sunscreen to achieve a tan can harm your skin, as can avoiding SPF in hopes of using sunlight to treat acne naturally. Sun’s ultraviolet (UV) rays increase inflammation, cellular damage, and pigmentation.

Solution: Integrate SPF Into Your Daily Routine

Regardless of your skincare goals, never skip sunscreen. Use an antioxidant-rich, broad-spectrum mineral sunscreen to deflect harmful UV rays and safeguard your skin. I recommend the PLLA All Mineral Multi-Protection Face & Body Sunscreen, which not only shields against UV rays but also revitalizes tired, problematic skin.

HOP All Mineral Multi-Protection Face & Body Sunscreen

Mistake 2: Neglecting SPF Reapplication

The SPF in your sunscreen is crucial for defending your skin against damage and sunburn. However, a single morning application isn’t sufficient to protect your skin all day long. SPF naturally breaks down when exposed to sunlight, and activities like swimming and sweating accelerate its wear-off. Therefore, experts advise reapplying sunscreen every 60 to 90 minutes when you’re outdoors.

Solution: Keep Sunscreen Handy

To ensure continuous protection from dawn to dusk, carry your sunscreen with you. The Sun Cushion SPF 50, designed for easy touch-ups throughout the day, is compact and convenient, maintaining your skin’s safety and natural radiance.

Mistake 3: Skipping Nighttime Cleansing

By bedtime in the summer, your face is likely layered with sweat, sunscreen, natural oils, and even pollen and debris that clog your pores. Never sleep with that buildup on your face! Skipping nighttime cleansing is a common skincare mistake that can result in clogged pores, frequent breakouts, and dull, lackluster skin.

Solution: Keep a Reliable Cleanser On Hand

A nighttime cleanser is essential, especially in humid summer weather and after sun exposure. Opt for the B-Box Swipe organic cleanser to effectively remove dead skin cells and debris. If your skin is prone to acne, consider using a foam cleanser like B-Box Gluco-Foam organic cleanser, and if you prefer a cleanser that will give your skin more plump we recommand the HOP Pro Volumizing Mousse.

Mistake 4: Avoid doing a sheet mask

Excessive sun exposure can have various effects on the skin, ranging from short-term issues like sunburn to long-term damage such as premature aging, hyperpigmentation and skin dehydration.

Solution: Do a sheet mask 1 or 2 per week

Using a sheet mask in summer can be particularly beneficial due to several reasons related to the seasonal conditions and their impact on the skin:

  • Hydration, Cooling Effect, Sun Repair, Anti-Oxidant Protection, Enhanced Absorption, Relaxation and Self-Care

In summary, using a sheet mask in summer helps to combat dehydration, soothe sun-exposed skin, provide antioxidant protection, and enhance overall hydration and skin repair. It’s a simple yet effective addition to your skincare routine during warmer months to keep your skin healthy and glowing. Our recommandation is the HOP 24K Volumizing sheet mask.

Mistake n° 5: Maintaining the same routine all year round

Your skin care needs change with the seasons. Using the same products from winter to summer is not ideal, and may not respond to your skin’s changing condition.

Solution: Adapt your routine to summer

Switch to skincare products adapted to warmer, more humid conditions. Opt for lighter moisturizers, higher SPF protection and include products that balance sebum while providing adequate hydration.

We recommend: HOP All Mineral or HOP Sun Cushion because, in addition to protecting the skin from the sun’s harmful rays, they contain PLLA and growth factors, which are excellent anti-aging active ingredients. The formula is designed for use in warm, humid conditions.

Healthy, radiant summer skin can be achieved with just a few thoughtful adjustments. For personalized advice, contact us for a free consultation Together, we’ll create a customized skincare routine that meets your specific needs and delivers impeccable results all season long. Let’s start your journey to radiant summer skin today!


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