We Are B-Box

Innovative technologies that take your skincare routine to the next level.

Our Mission

B-Box strives towards a future where All Beauty is Clean Beauty.

We offer innovative technologies that take your skincare routine to the next level. By choosing B-Box, you choose to be part of a community that is passionate about creating safe formulas, but above all, is enabling eco-responsibility for generations to come. B-Box strives towards a future where all beauty is clean beauty.

Why Choose B-Box?

  • Cosmetic formulas and innovative skincare routines
  • Technologies for the skin allowing you to maintain your youthfulness
  • Chemically healthy and eco-responsible products
  • Access to blogs and educational tutorials to enlighten you in your cosmetic and technological choices
  • Opportunity to participate in the B-Box movement by becoming a brand ambassador
  • Most importantly, our passion, culture of cosmetics and a constant desire to give you the best customer service.
  • B-Box is a proud partner of the Canadian Cancer Society. When you purchase a B-Box skincare product, we are pleased to donate a percentage of the sale to support cancer research.

How B-Box Was Born

As far back as I can remember, I have always been drawn to cosmetics—undoubtedly, an influence from my mother. She would never leave the house without a touch of lipstick and a spritz of elegant perfume.

For more than thirty years, I have had the chance to evolve in the world of cosmetics at various levels. I have been a beautician, a professional makeup artist, and now, I am a proud aesthetics educator.

Two years ago, my life took a turn as I was diagnosed with cancer. I vividly remember my first treatments and being overwhelmed by the number of people of all ages in the waiting room with me. What struck me most was realizing that, despite the disease and the painstaking treatments we would have to endure, people have pride, dignity, and confidence, and freely show their best attributes in the face of adversity every day.

Women would match their lipstick to their headscarves, and I found it to be such a beautiful representation of their individuality and strength. They would use blush to bring out the life in their eyes and make their skin look glowing and healthy, despite enduring the harsh side effects of chemotherapy that notoriously leaves skin looking sickly and dull.

Throughout my treatments, I realized how these procedures have had a major impact on the condition of my skin, but not my soul. It was surprising how quickly the products I had used for years no longer worked for me. It was then that I started to research and focus more on cosmetic formulas and created something different. It is through this research that B-Box was born.

Join us and promote healthy, performing beauty. We are so excited to have you join our movement!