How To Remedy Certain Skin Problems From The Inside Out

How To Remedy Certain Skin Problems From The Inside Out

To take care of your skin, you need to make sure that you take care of your body in a positive and efficient way from the inside (nutrition, relaxation) and from the outside (massages and choice of the right cosmetic actives). By taking care to combine these two aspects in your daily life, your skin will gradually reveal its natural, healthy and radiant glow.

The B-BOX Beauty team offers you this guide to help you maintain radiant skin every day.

Balancing secretions DRY vs. OILY SKIN

Do you suffer from dry or oily skin? Any imbalance in your skin is also an imbalance in your body. You need to make sure your body has a good balance of water and oil to help remedy these issues.

Here are our suggestions for dry skin:

  • Make sure you drink large amounts of water every day, which will provide your body and skin with all the nutrients and hydration it needs to function optimally. Water is an essential nutrient for every cell in our body to function. Skin is 64% water. Therefore, dehydration in the body first manifests itself on the face as dryness, tightness, even redness or sensitivity.
  • Eating the right oils will keep your skin plump and supple, and fight the signs of aging. Foods like salmon and avocado contain good oils, which also help fight inflammation in the body, which is another benefit. Try to opt for moisture-generating foods like berries, olives and cucumbers.
  • Lack of rest and stress can also contribute to dry skin. Make sure you get enough sleep. Practice an activity that promotes slow, deep breathing such as yoga or pilates to relieve stress. Aging can also lead to hormonal disturbances or a drop in estrogen that hinders our hydration level.
  • In terms of cosmetics, it is best to use active ingredients that help store water in the tissues, such as hyaluronic acid. Gua Sha massage can also help stimulate fluid production and improve circulation.

Here are our suggestions for oily skin:

  • Oily skin, on the other hand, can be a symptom of excessive moisture build-up in the body, coupled with internal heat, which can easily turn into excessive inflammation that will bring its share of rashes. Try to regulate with fluid-draining foods like beans and barley. Gua Sha massage can help soften pore walls and release excess oil to help purify and detoxify the skin and prevent further breakouts.
  • A good balance of oil and water creates a happy harmony within our skin, strengthening its natural barrier to keep your skin even. It is important to understand that oil attracts oil so you should avoid very astringent cleansers and products. You should also choose cold-pressed oils that are non-comedogenic.

Our product suggestions for these two types of secretions:

Cleanser and Toner:

Emulsion and Cream:

Dull and devitalized complexion

This problem is often related to stress

Here are some small changes that can help you daily:

  • Make a to-do list to prioritize and free your mind. Don’t forget to include things that will bring you happiness, such as hobbies, ways to relax and taking time to see the important people in your life. Managing stress helps balance hormones and avoid over-secretion of cortisol, which contributes to excessive sebum production, leading to a blotchy, dull complexion.
  • Nutritionally, ginger and peach are two foods that are great for brightening the complexion.

Incorporate Gha Sha into your beauty routine

  • Massage, massage, massage! This will minimize the tension on your face and neck that can be caused by stress. By increasing blood circulation and guiding oxygen and nutrients to the skin, you will improve lymphatic drainage to reveal a clear, bright and healthy complexion. Perform your Gha Sha massage daily.

The B-BOX Gha Sha device stimulates natural biological reactions through acupressure and lymphatic movements, promoting microcirculation for better oxygenation, nutrient delivery and drainage of toxins and fluids. Combined with our B-BOX Prébio-Boost Regenerating Serum or our B-BOX Oléa-3 Regenerating Dry Oil, you are ready to see lifted and sculpted contours with an even and luminous complexion.

Do you have hyperpigmentation or fine lines and wrinkles?

A little science to understand these phenomena

What are free radicals and why are they so harmful? Free radicals come from pollution, dust and even UV rays. They damage the skin’s DNA by trying to steal an extra electron from other molecules in the body. When these molecules are stolen, the skin’s DNA is directly damaged, which accelerates skin aging. Free radicals are responsible for the breakdown of collagen in the skin, resulting in unflattering imperfections such as wrinkles, dark spots and sagging, loose skin.

Antioxidants are compounds that donate an electron to a free radical, so that the free radical does not consume the electron of the skin atom, allowing them to fight the effects of aging caused by free radicals. They neutralize free radicals and help break the chain reaction that can affect other molecules in the body’s cells.

What to consume to increase your antioxidant intake:

  • The goal is to ensure that the body does not suffer from oxidative stress due to the free radical process. We recommend that you consume walnuts, almonds, oats, quinoa, berries, oranges, broccoli, and spinach. All rich in antioxidants to fight against the degradation of collagen that causes wrinkles and fine lines.

Which cosmetic ingredients are rich in antioxidants?

  • The ingredients to look for are vitamins A, C and E, seaweed, berries, squalane and vegetable oils.

We recommend:

B-BOX Squalane+ Emulsion rich in vegetable squalane and vitamin E. This innovative antioxidant complex helps repair environmental damage and intensely illuminates the skin, reducing dullness and increasing radiance.

At B-BOX Beauty we believe that skin is not just what you see on the outside, but rather it is all about what is going on inside. That’s why nutrition, understanding disruptive elements and cosmetic actives are at the heart of our beauty routines and products. Join the movement!

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