B-BOX 7 Skin Techniques

B-BOX 7 Skin Techniques

At B-BOX, we like to offer you innovative skincare techniques. Today, we want to propose to you the 7 skin techniques that you can easily integrate into your home skincare routine.

The goal of this technique is to saturate the skin using a serum. When the treatment is well done with the right serum adapted to your skin type, you will have a plumped and luminous skin.

The duration of the treatment is 21 minutes if you complete the 7 applications. You can do a short version each day by adding 1 to 3 applications of serum to your routine. However, for maximum effect, apply the 7 applications when your skin is very dry or devitalized.

It is important to use an oil-free serum in this treatment. The oil-free serum is lighter in texture, which makes it possible to make an overlay that the skin can easily assimilate in successive layers.

Here is our recommendation for a treatment plan:

Start with clean skin. You know that the B-BOX team is adept at the Double Cleansing technique  we recommend the first cleansing with B-BOX Swipe Biphased Cleansing Oil if you have dry or dehydrated skin or B-BOX 360° Cleansing Milk for normal or combination skin. Then use the B-BOX Gluco-Foam Foaming Cleanser to complete the cleansing.

6 B-Box Points
7 B-Box Points
6 B-Box Points
10 B-Box Points

When your skin is wet (not soaked), apply the first layer of B-BOX Prébio-Boost Regenerating Serum. Apply to the face, neck and décolleté with light pressure with your hands, not by massaging the face. The right amount of product is the size of a 5 cent for the entire face, neck and décolleté.

Let the skin completely absorb the first layer of serum. If absorption exceeds 3 minutes, you are probably using too much. Waiting for it to be completely absorbed is an important step, so do not skip this step.

When your face is no longer wet, it means your skin has absorbed the layer you just applied. If your skin is not dry, the next layer you apply will only overlap the skin and you will not enjoy the benefits of the 7 Skins treatment.

Repeat the operation by applying another layer of B-BOX Prébio-Boost Regenerating Serum. Again, allow the skin to completely absorb the product before applying the next layer.

You will repeat the application steps 5 more times, making sure to apply the amount your skin can take and that you have allowed the required absorption time. If at any time, the skin is saturated, you can stop. You have achieved the goal of this treatment.

When you have finished the applications, it is necessary to finish the treatment by applying a moisturizing cream. We recommend B-BOX Kalm Emulsion or B-BOX Squalane+ Emulsion to retain all the moisture you have just added to your skin.

You will immediately feel the benefits of the treatment, your epidermis will look plumped up, your complexion will be luminous, and your skin will be much smoother to the touch.

We love to read your comments and see your photos so please feel free to share your experience of the 7 Skins on Facebook and Instagram #bboxbeauty.

The B-BOX professional team wishes you a great treatment!

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