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Tips for Transitioning to Spring Skincare

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Published on 16/03/2021
By Annie Trottier

The days lengthen quietly. The snow will make room for the young green sprout of spring. After a winter full of challenges for many of us, it is with great gratitude that we welcome spring this year.

Spending the first couple of months of 2021 applying thick layers of moisturising creams and serums to combat dry skin, how do we now adapt our skincare routine for the warmer air and increased humidity? Here are our top tips to prepare your skin for spring!

TIP 1: Change your products into a lighter texture

Whilst we advocate the use of a thicker moisturiser during the winter, once spring arrives, swapping to a lighter alternative is key. Our skin tends to hold more water during spring and summer meaning it is less susceptible to becoming dry and flaky. We encourage you to opt for a lighter texture, a sebum-balancing formula with lots of antioxidants and active ingredients that protect against environmental elements. We recommend PREBIO-BOOST Serum and a mineral-based sunscreen for the day. For the evening, continu to use KALM or SQUALANE+.

TIP 2: Introduce a foaming cleanser back into your night routine

Foaming cleansers are usually suggested for oily and acne-prone skin types since they are meant to deep clean the skin by getting rid of excess oil and sebum. With warmer months brings increased perspiration which it can trap bacteria, especially under our masks. Make sure your skin is clean and refreshed is key. At B-BOX we recommend using Gluco-Foam cleanser which is suitable for all skin types. It provides deep cleansing without damaging the skin’s barrier.

TIP 3: Increase peeling & exfoliation frequency

Humidity, SPF and sweat can all contribute to congested pores. Clogged pores equal blackheads, pimples and a dry lackluster complexion. During the warmer months, exfoliation is key to keep the skin clear by encouraging metabolic activities. We recommend that you use the B-BOX Ultra-Derma device and record the results in the Derma Manager mobile application to follow the evolution of your skin.

TIP 4: Remember your SPF!

For many of us, suncream is something we save for hot summer days but in reality, we should be wearing it all year round. With the sun peeping out more often, we should be protecting our skin against harmful UV rays which can result in breaking collagen and elastin chains further contributing to skin care issues like wrinkles and pigmentation. We recommend the use of a mineral sunscreen. We are currently working on a formula for our Epic skincare line.

TIP 5: Have a mist on hand all the time

The essences are perfect for moisturizing the skin and refreshing us. The Total PH essence also helps to restore the skin’s physiological PH. Thanks to its soothing and illuminating extracts, it helps to calm feelings of discomfort.

Stick to this routine and your skin will thank you!

Spring is just on the horizon; better days are ahead.